Welcome to the user guide for the Dialog Lite and Dialog. Office system telephones in the Ericsson MD Communication System. Purchase the Aastra Dialog Office System Phone from a UK Supplier for £ ex VAT. Fast Delivery. Call Now or Buy Now. Dialog Lite/Dialog Office. System telephones for MD Communication System. User Guide. Flinders University.

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When your phone is idle, the upper line shows general information. Enter the new diversion address. Make A Call Don’t have an account?

Aastra Dialog 4222 Office User Manual

Mute Ring Signal Mobility Need to enable your mobile workers, keeping them connected at all times? Setting Form For Search Profiles This chapter is only relevant when your system is connected to a digital trunk line ISDN-trunk line. When the reminder time is reached, your phone rings with recall signal. All calls to your extension are directed to a pre-programmed address.

Ericsson Aastra Dialog DBC Digital Multi Line Phone | eBay

DialogDialog Press to pause pre-programmed. Number Secrecy Press a pre-programmed key to suppress your complete number to the public net. No parts of this publication may be subject to alteration, modification or commercial use. The key aastraa must be of type DBY 01, and it can only be used with newer exchange versions.


You can restrict connections between the external lines by re-programming your system. A special dial tone reminds you that Call Forwarding is active. Communications Platforms Whether you’re a small business, a medium sized business or a very large enterprise – Aastra has the solutions to accommodate your business needs.

This section only applies to the Dialog Office and the Sastra Standard telephone. Declaration Of Conformity Listen and follow the voice announcements. Lamp Indications Slowly flashing lamp The line or function is put on hold. Dialing During A Connected Call When the lamp lights, Night Switch is active.

You are called back if the called number finishes the ongoing call or the next time diwlog extension finishes a new call. When you have activated a diversion with a Personal Greeting, callers will receive this greeting instead of your activated absence information. If you make external calls in this way, you do not have to dial the digit s for external call access first.

Group Features Press a free Line key pre-programmed. Enter the hunt group code. The graphic above is valid for the Dialog Standard as well as the Dialog Economyplus telephone. Find it here in the full list of Aastra products A – Z. Any damages of the telephone, that are caused by non-observance of these instructions, are not part of the liability given by the manufacturer. Page 95 Hold the key to get a long pause.


Press to play-back and listen to your recording. Applications Aastra has developed a range of Applications to fit your business needs View Applications. System Phonebook Press to search for internal directory numbers Press to search for common abbreviated numbers The display shows: Press to stop the recording and save the message.

Display Info Description Display info Note: The number can consist of up to 24 digits.

Require real time collaboration between remote parties? Whether you’re a small business, a medium sized business or a very large enterprise – Aastra has the solutions to accommodate your business needs.

After approximately 10 seconds, the Function key is active. Know what your looking for? Common Abbreviated Numbers 24 digits.