After on Start reading After on your Kindle in under a minute. . After by Amy Efaw is a well-researched examination of teen pregnancy and. They say that you can’t judge a book by it’s cover. This time, though, the cover was the reason why I decided to pick up After, flip it over, and find. During Devon’s declination hearing, Jenifer starts to question how she raised Devon. She is convinced that it is her fault that Devon abandoned.

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Jadi mau bagaimana lagi?? She also hid an unwanted pregnancy, gave birth in her bathroom, and threw the baby away in a garbage bag that she put in the trash can behind her apartment. Her mother, recently home from a night shift at Safeway, answers the door and starts her usual flirting. Oh iya halaman sampai bikin aku menangis. Dec 02, Pages Young Adult Buy. Throughout the novel you discover more about Devon’s journey and her complete and utter denial of her pregnancy.

After by Amy Efaw | : Books

Clearly, this was a teen in deep need of psychiatric As a big fan of YA lit, I was intrigued by the premise of this novel and then horribly disappointed in the execution.

The slutty, flaky mom who had Devon when she was Di depan cover versi Gramedia Pustaka Utama tertulis Kisah emosional qmy penyangkalan dan memaafkan diri sendiri. I was so sure this book was going to be bad.

I would have liked a deeper exploration of the supporting characters’ issues and of Devon’s relationships with them; throughout the book I was waiting for Devon to face her heartbreak over the baby’s father and she never did, she never even said his name ; and I was not happy with the ending, which Bu get was supposed to be cliffhanger, but just felt uncomfortable and abrupt.


Because After certainly did not pull punches. It’s about this girl, Devon, who dumps her baby in the trash. And yet, there I was, at the end of chapter 4, curled up on the couch, hiding behind the book with big, silent tears amh down my cheeks. I think the book could have benefitted from some serious editing amt the first half. A world in a juvenile detention facility under observation hours a day.

This book opened my eyes and changed my opinion.

After by Amy Efaw

I found myself feeling very protective of her one minute and horrified by her the next. No one ever tries to get into the mind of a person who would do something like this. Personally If you’re using this book for a review in class I suggest it a,y Its pretty easy to read.

Then I read the synopsis and I was really interested. She doesn’t pull any punches: Aftet, I will grant that the whole thing is written in the present-tense, which is very difficult to do.


The baby is discovered and a murder trial begins. Tapi selama aku membaca ceritanya, aku semakin mengerti dan malah bertanya-tanya Apakah benar yang dilakukannya itu adalah suatu tindakan kejahatan? I however, had a hard time getting over what Devon did and lack of connection with the baby. Buku ini atfer mengenai penyangkalan.

Yaitu orangtua dan juga lingkungan.

Devon mungkin terkesan sengaja bereaksi berlebihan setelah dia melahirkan dan membuang bayinya. It’s not about being a good, loving parent that’s important, noooo. I plan on re-reading this book at some point because I think it is deserving of being thoroughly considered and something more than a random, emotional midnight-read. She has stomach problems, but not really. Dia dikenal sebagai pribadi yang baik, tenang, dan dewasa.


Her mom’s kind of flaky, so she doesn’t even afted how vy Devon is, just semi-chastises her for missing school and launches into a story of how they’d found a baby in the dumpster just outside their apartment complex. She cuts the cord with fingernail clippers.

The heart-of-gold, tough love soccer coach. Efaw failed for me to feel any sympathy towards Devon, the constant pointing out how smart she was, AP honor roll, leader of her soccer team.

Pertanyaan-pertanyaan yang sepertinya jawabannya ada di dalam kepala tapi entah bagaimana tidak mau keluar sama sekali.

I mean, who wants to read the first-person account of a woman, or teen, who threw her baby away? Her issues with her mother would have been much more poignant if they weren’t so heavy-handed.

This book is about her ,the character’s, journey and trail of the court room facing the truth about what has happened It was gripping, sad, honest and very well-written. Devon Davenport is in denial.