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Full text of “Business Maharajas”

The first company Goenka bought was the Calcutta-based Duncan Brothers. The newspaper claimed that these companies belonged to Reliance and that they borrowed money from the banks at 18 per cent interest to buy debentures which earned only The import of the component to be replaced would have normally taken two or three months.

Hirachand had died in when Dhirubhai was nineteen and still unmarried, and there was little to draw them back to Chorwad. Aaj kiska puja ho raha had? We used to stay in a place called Jai Hind Estate on the fifth floor. To retire there is only one place-the cremation ground. Dhirubhai no longer puts in the long hours in the office he used to— he comes in at noon and leaves three hours later— and spends more time dandling his grandchildren on his knees than poring over financial reports.

If he built such-and-such factory, added a division here and a unit there, ten years down the road, Reliance could become a Rs 80bn company.

After setting up our plant, their business with India has grown-they’ve sold technology, to five joint sector projects.

All that I needed was a small gap which I could penetrate, and I did so successfully. India’s creaky postal department couldn’t cope with the number of share certificates, annual reports and other correspondence which Reliance entered into with its family of investors. The PFY plant came up in eighteen months.


To ask other readers questions about Business Maharajasplease sign up. Standing on the dais at the wedding reception next to Nina and Shyam, with Kokila by his side, jocularly greeting friends as they lined up to wish the happy couple, Dhirubhai’s thoughts drifted to another family wedding two years back. Dhirubhai felt even more him by clashes between Anil and Ramniklal over the negotiations with the workers. If each contractor were to write to the other and then to us, we would have wasted valuable time,” said Mukesh.

Most lay persons at first believed pirmal this decision was designed to help Dhrubhai. He had no inkling when he woke up that morning that in the future he would be known as India’s stock market messiah. I was brought up in the Arya Samaj environment which taught us to shun rituals. On Tuesday evening, the finance ministry announced that bsuiness had decided not to permit such conversions.

This book is not yet featured on Listopia. One of these was letter writing and paper shuffling, which Mukesh sought to abolish totally. It found an unexpected target. To feed it, Birla built 2.

The embroidery business is right there. Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. To those who agreed and had the shop-space, he promised that Reliance would provide financial and advertising support.

Despite the shorter hours and the 1 inevitable distancing, his is a crucial role, beyond that of a visionary and strategist. Ambani, like Aditya Birla, knew that delays in project implementation could tip profits into losses.

Business Maharajas (Penguin business)

Indespite the ever-larger public issues and substantial profits from the Pataiganga PFY plant and the Naroda textile mill, Ambani was feeling hungry. Between andReliance made four successful debenture issues. How did they do it? Its market capitalization that year was Rs 96bn. Ambani is a first generation entrepreneur, gitz Bajajs were rich long before Ambani was born. I have never been afraid to expand my capital base because I know that I have the confidence of the shareholders.


I am not actively participating in any associations or in anything else. It wasn’t an extravagance. As rival said at the time: It wasn’t maharamas and the bear syndicate was forced to ask for time to deliver the Meanwhile, at Patalganga, a sleepy village seventy-one kilometres from Bombay which takes its name from the river on whose banks it is located, the polyester yarn plant was almost ready to go on stream and bills were piraml in.

Could Birla’s trade seci’cts be taught and replicated?

In Novemberas inDhirubhai had a hard me convincing people to trust him with their money. It also brings into light the description of their success where other industrialists had failed.

In implementing the PFY project, Ambani adopted two other co-related strategies: Inevitably the corporate culture of the companies they head is grounded in these tenets and reflects the personalities of their chiefs.

Business Maharajas – Gita Piramal – Google Books

In terms of sheer drama, there’s little to beat takeovers and buy-outs. Often referred to as the Manchesters of India, Bombay and Ahmedabad have grown rich on cotton textiles.

This was the key barrier to consumption and a limited market.