Crowds and Power is a revolutionary work in which Elias Canetti finds a new way of looking at human history and psychology. Breathtaking in its range and. CROWDS AND POWER by. ELIAS CANETTI. Translated from the German by. Carol Stewart. NEW YORK. THE VIKING PRESS. I Other Continuum books by Elias Canetti. Audo-da-Fe. The Tongue Set Free Crowds. 2. Power (Social sciences) I. Title. HMC

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The Escape of Josephus.

It shows Canetti’s pet-peeves and prejudices as well as his erudition. This work remains important for the insights it provided into the Eastern European upheaval which can be understood within the framework Canetti puts forth.

Crowds and Power

Slowness or the Remoteness of the Goal. Growth, Equality, Density, and Direction; the way primitive man viewed crowds of animals and transferred them into himself; a method of interpreting crowd behavior in such entities as bacilli and spermatozoids; the manner in which an individual accepts jostling and touching with congeries of others that overcomes his innate revulsion of physical contact with someone or something strange, tainted as the unknown is with stochastic death – nevertheless I have found my interest waning entering the final stretch of the book.

Keep in mind that Canetti was writing in the structuralist heyday of the late ’50s and early ’60s– this was a time when Marshall McLuhan was doing his thing with media, and when the name of Freud still held a mighty sway over psychology.

Volgens mij kun je niet volhouden dat Canetti in “Massa en Macht” de fenomenen “massa” en “macht” op wetenschappelijke wijze heeft geanalyseerd en ontleed. Personal freedom consists largely in having a defense against questions. The very solemnity with which elections are conducted, argues Canetti, derives from the renunciation of death an instrument of decision. Wat dan een boek oplevert dat onuitputtelijk rijk is maar vooral onuitputtelijk verrassend en ongrijpbaar.

To ask other readers questions about Crowds and Powerplease sign up. Zij zijn niet, zoals de bevelende machthebber, star aan zichzelf gelijk, maar verplaatsen zich bijvoorbeeld in fictieve personages en WORDEN dan voor even die personages, of WORDEN voor even die jubelende vogel uit hun gedicht.

Canetti’s final chapters on the use of power within crowds, to manipulate and lead them, are less satisfactory than his analysis of, as it were, naked crowd dynamics. Geweldige zinnen, naar mijn smaak. Mij vrijwaren voor het bevel van anderen gaat nooit helemaal lukken, en mijzelf afleren om macht uit te oefenen al helemaal niet.


The obvious point of Crowds and Power is to escape from the tacit, largely unexamined presumptions and categories of social scientific thought. If one approaches this work from the perspective of deeply involved humanness, as literature, rather than austere science with cut and dried methodology, one may come away with a deeper, more comprehensive, and much more circumspect feeling and understanding for the human animal.

Canetti schrijft adembenemend over massa’s en meutes, en over de vele verschillende vormen inclusief de biologische oervormenfuncties en verlokkingen daarvan. Canetti’s views on power and crods are convincing and his examples taken mostly from Australian and African anthropology are most insightful.

Want Canetti’s invalshoek is ongehoord origineel: Read, highlight, and take notes, across web, tablet, and phone. Canetti is a genius. There is no logical progression, just a meandering through ideas loosely related to the themes of crowds and power.

And in my attempts to regard his legacy in contemporary studies, I am surprised to see a near-total absence. This is a dense, magisterial work Quite intriguing to bizare An important book for better understanding oneself, religion, politics, sports fans, high school, and ju More literary than scientific, Canetti’s anthropological investigation of crowd behavior will leave you looking both at human behavior and the natural world in new ways.

Er moeten middelen en wegen worden gevonden om het grootste deel van de mens ervoor te vrijwaren. Alle afstanden die de mensen om zich heen geschapen hebben, zijn door deze aanrakingsvrees ad.

Having analyzed the different types of crowds, their functions in society, and their typical behaviors, Canetti considers a great many case examples, ranging widely through time, space, and cultures, in which the notion of ‘the crowd’ provides fresh insights.

En dat, suggereert Canetti met nog meer van die denderend suggestieve Canetti-zinnen, verklaart de verlokking van de massa: Perhaps, to do justice to this erudite although perhaps eccentrically so scholar, we should all take him up again. De eerste zinnen van het boek luiden bijvoorbeeld: He uses many neologisms–constructing, as he goes, a new language with which to view discourses on power.

Het is een geniaal en ongelofelijk origineel essay van ruim bladzijden, in twaalf briljante essayistische hoofdstukken waarin elke paragraaf ook weer een parel is van essayistische eigenzinnige schrijfkunst.


En daarvoor schreef hij: The author leads the reader through the maze of human thought using detailed reports of the behavior of primitive cultures, well documented Canetti draws a parallel between ruling and paranoia. Christianity is a ‘crowd of lament’ for a slain god, and thus one in a line that stretches from the Babylonian cult of Tammuz to the various mysticisms of the Australian aborigines.

Crowds and Power – Elias Canetti – Google Books

The chapter on power and violence should be a must read for every aspiring politician not to mention the ones already in office. Breathtaking in its range and erudition, it explores Shiite festivals and the English Civil war, the finger exercises of monkeys and the effects of inflation in Weimar Germany. The Rising Throne of the Emperor of Byzantium. For example, the Marching Forest of the Army in Germany, a symbol of pan-Germanic strength and unity created by Bismarck was fatally disgraced by the Treaty of Versailles.

De ctowds beschaafde leiders hebben nu veel meer mogelijkheden om daadwerkelijk miljoenen te vermoorden en als enige te overleven. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Want Canetti houdt zich in “Massa en Macht” aan geen enkele conventie, dus aan geen enkel bevel dat dicteert hoe een boek hoort te zijn.

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. An important book for better understanding oneself, religion, politics, sports fans, high school, and just about anything else. If you find the book, flip to the section called “Panic,” and you will be treated to a history of the This is one of my favorite books of all time — perhaps even more so in recent years, with the West finally learning how to become a crowd once again.

Maar ik hoop dat ik althans iets over weet te brengen van zijn werkelijk anr boodschap. Catholicism and the Crowd. Maar misschien geldt dat nog wel sterker voor de eigenzinnige en uiterst creatieve opzet van het boek als geheel.

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