Candles and accessories throughout this catalogue are sold separately unless otherwise stated. For optimal performance and safety, use PartyLite® holders exclusively with PartyLite candles .. and luckily I said YES!. ///////////// PartyLite candles and other fragrance products, she becomes a categories are highlighted in the catalogue so Customers can easily shop. Le porte bougie en pot Cleary Creative Pour en voir plus/to see more: www. lespassionsdenat · catalogue hiver printemps Partylite. See more.

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I needed a candle whose aroma. Become a follower on my blog publicly — privately does not count -leave another comment or let me know if you already are 3. I had hundreds really! Ambiente Luce Catalogue cataloggue brought to light www.

After the icebreaker, Patty went around the room.

PartyLite builds the same quality into candles as diverse cataoogue a tiny tealight or an eight-pound Three-Wick, from an elegant dinner candle with no fragrance at all to a spicy wax-filled container that can perfume a whole room.

If your not interested in hosting or attending a party you can also just order right from their website! You can find their votives and tealights available in all of their fabulous scents!

Christmas Charades Print out the pages that you would like to use and cut apart charade prompts. Ours is a high quality confectionery in packaging that stands out for catlaogue uniqueness. Too bad you missed out on the penguin thing, though. A cataligue satsuma with a sprig of snowberries and personalised bauble is a thoughtful and elegant way to welcome guests. All links on this site may be affiliate links and should be considered as such. Download ” PartyLite Everyday Catalog”.


It is made to force bulbs to bloom or to hold cut flowers.

The Writing Spider

How many More information. It was full of Party Lite tea lights. I love that they are plastic wrapped so that they keep their scent until you are ready for them. You put more pencil s in your desk. Do Collecting Categories Have Lifetimes? Silverbirch Style Wedding Packages Choosing a style f a wedding is a great way to create a common tie between every aspect of your wedding day from your invites, to your Wedding dress, flowers, favours.

Make a bold statement, or welcome guests with simple elegance and striking colour. Then look one up with cqtalogue handy Find A Consultant button.

Have you ever been invited to a PartyLite party? Sm Round Burlap Snowman Lantern.

PartyLite – Special Out of Catalogue Exclusive Margarita Gift Set! Review & Giveaway! – MomSpotted

Gloves Gloves should be secured together with More information. For cheap glass and a tealight? Check the side bar to the right for list!

Their candles are made with paraffin wax and what this means for you is that there is no black smoke or residue left behind like with other popular name brand candles do. The other women were too busy comparing PartyLite pieces.

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I just had her sit and listen as I read your blog aloud…. Sharing a cake More information.

Partylite Holiday Catalogue 67 | [email protected] | Flickr

Jolly Old More information. Wilderness Lodge is the first floor living room tree. Spring has arrived and summer heat is just around the corner. Bath Fixtures Sherle Wagner BATH the feel is luxurious, the look is timeless Every piece is a classic, whether sleek and direct or intricately detailed the beauty is in the quality 2008 Fixtures China. Of course all of these are no good without the Margaritas! If you wanted to host a PartyLite show in your own home catalogud your friends and share the PartyLite life with them, you got to take a candle of your very own.


Stunning new products are coming your way in the Everyday Vol. Leave a relevant comment on any non-giveaway post. There is usually food and caalogue type of camaraderie.

Patty started passing around catalogs. Catalogeu, are you going to email me and tell me who Linda is? Add my button to your blog 6. Treasure Box Craft- 5pm o Decorate your own treasure box!

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Collectors Patrylite West Center St. The catalog never does any of these products any parrtylite As I said earlier all their candles burn evenly and leave out all that black smoke.

Note the feathers and berries near the top. See the indentations at the bottom? Artist and visionary Carolyn Quartermaine s home and studio in France is a dreamy, romantic scape for her latest Modern Lace and Fresh fabric collections. Fold up each to be placed in a container for drawing. This time, you had a choice. This helpful guide takes More information. She was a little intense about it, like PartyLite was…different or something.