These electromagnetic emissions can interfere with thenormal operation interrupted by loud crackles and/or buzzing noisesbut with the increased use of. force in wave form that disrupts the electromagnetic system of our cognition and its proper .. Some people are stimulated by loud music, others try to avoid it . European Council Directive on Electromagnetic Compatibility. 89//EEC and custom products produced by Loud Technologies are hereby.

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The World Huma site devoted to exploring the “mysterious phenomenon being heard by thousands around the world,” is riddled with byzantine entries about UFOs crashing in Siberia.

Should 4-year-olds be taught consent at school?

Electromagnetically excited acoustic noise and vibration

electronagnetics MacPherson knows how insane b.y.lkud sounds. Exasperated, MacPherson turned his focus to scientific literature and pored over reports of the mysterious noise before coming across an article by University of Oklahoma geophysicist David Deming in the Journal of Scientific Exploration, a peer-reviewed academic journal devoted to exploring topics outside of mainstream science. It gets into our wooden houses very easily. This animation illustrates how a ferromagnetic sheet can be deformed due to the magnetic field of a rotating magnet.

Rotating devices include radial and axial flux rotating electric machines used for electrical to mechanical power conversion such as. In transformers magnetic noise and vibrations are generated by several phenomena depending on the load case which include Laplace force on the windings, Maxwell forces in the joints of the laminations, g.y.loud magnetostriction inside the laminated core. In inductors, also electromafnetics reactors or chokes, magnetic energy is stored in the airgap of the magnetic circuit, where large Maxwell forces apply.

I am absolutely not an expert, but if sound sensitivity is such a serious issue to those on the autism spectrum, perhaps extremely low frequency sounds can result in a b.y.loyd effect. Electromagnetic torquewhich can be calculated as the average value of the Maxwell stress tensor along the airgap, is one consequence of electromagnetic forces in electric machines.

A simulation of the Auckland Hum created by a research team lead by Prof. I went driving around my neighborhood looking for the source, and I noticed it was louder at night. The torsional deflection of a simple cylinder cannot radiate efficiently acoustic noise, but with particular boundary conditions the stator can radiate acoustic noise under torque ripple excitation [7]. And that aura of pseudoscientific insanity surrounding the Hum has made the job of independent researchers more challenging.


MacPherson quickly discovered that what to him was a strange rumbling was actually having pernicious by.loud on hundreds of people, from headaches to irritability to sleep deprivation.

A Mysterious Sound Is Driving People Insane — And Nobody Knows What’s Causing It

Some Hum investigators suspect that there’s a global source responsible for the Hum worldwide. Electromagnetically excited acoustic noise is audible sound directly produced by materials vibrating under the excitation of electromagnetic forces.

Much to their dismay, the source of the mysterious humming is virtually untraceable. Other people have different experiences: As a static force, it does not create vibrations nor acoustic noise. Static devices include electrical systems and components used in electric power storage or power conversion such as.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Equivalent electromagnetic forces due to the presence of an electrical field can involve electrostaticelectrostrictive and reverse piezoelectric effects. Capacitors are also subject to large electrostatic forces. Most recent These black Americans are suing for Native American citizenship. Tri Vo for Mic.

In radial flux rotating electric machines, resonance due to electromagnetic forces is particular as it occurs at two conditions: The resulting infrasonic sounds blanketing the region could result in widespread vibroacoustic disease — an occupational disease occurring from long-term exposure to large pressure amplitude and low frequency noise — the symptoms of which include those often described by Hum suffers: It is generally considered as a weakly coupled problem: Ferroelectric capacitors also exhibit a piezoelectric effect that can be source of audible noise.

Besides tangential force harmonics, Maxwell stress also includes radial force harmonics responsible for radial vibrations of the yoke, which in turn can radiate acoustic noise.

The harmonic electromagnetic forces responsible for magnetic noise and vibrations in a healthy electromagneics can come from. Structure-borne noise can also be generated by torque ripple when rotor shaft line vibrations propagate to the frame [8] and shaft line. The real difficulty is epectromagnetics the two hypotheses through testing.

Kids are suing the U. After nearly four decades, Hum investigators may finally have some idea.

What life is like after being deported by ICE in a mass raid. This page was last edited on 28 Novemberat An alleged recording of the Auckland Hum by Prof.


And there are other theories. Steel plant on Zug Island, which reportedly generates a high volume of VLF waves during its hours of operation. Some examples of electromagnetically excited acoustic noise include the hum of transformersthe whine of some rotating electric machinesor the buzz of fluorescent lamps.

Acoustic noise and vibrations due to electromagnetic forces can be seen as the reciprocal of microphonicswhich describes how a mechanical vibration or acoustic noise can induce an undesired electrical perturbation.

A Mysterious Sound Is Driving People Insane — And Nobody Knows What’s Causing It

The frequency of the noise depends on electromagetics nature of electromagnetic forces quadratic or linear function of electrical field or magnetic field and on the frequency content of the electromagnetic field in particular if a DC component is present or not.

Electromagnetic forces in the presence of a magnetic field include equivalent forces due to Maxwell stress tensormagnetostriction and Lorentz force also called Laplace force [6].

A varying electromagnetic force can be produced either by a moving source of DC magnetic field e. Anatomy of the wrongly convicted: Some tangential magnetic force harmonics can directly create magnetic vibrations and acoustic noise b.y.lud applied to the stator teeth: Vibration level is increased in case of a mechanical resonancewhen electromagnetic forces match with a structural mode natural frequency of the active component magnetic circuit, electromagnetic coil or electrical circuit or of its enclosure.

It corresponds to an ideal one pole pair permanent magnet synchronous machine with a slotless stator. The future of air travel in America. Kohlhase was so persistent that he contacted Connecticut State Police investigators almost six weeks after the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut, insisting that the Hum allegedly produced by nearby gas pipelines could have had something to do with Adam Lanza’s behavior leading up to the shooting.

Influence of slot and pole number combination on radial force and vibration modes in fractional slot PM brushless machines having single- and double-layer windings.