Hydrotropic Solubilization. Priyanka Arjaria1, Manoj Goyal2, Suman Jain3. 1Shri Ram College of pharmacy,Banmore,Morena, India, 2IPS College of pharmacy. Purpose. This study examines the mechanism of hydrotropic solubilization using the riboflavin-nicotinamide system. The most commonly proposed mechanism. On the other hand, planarity of the hydrophobic part has been emphasized as an important factor in the mechanism of hydrotropic solubilization. Solute consists.

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It is used in muscular, skeletal, and joint disorders such as osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.

Intermediate precision study expresses variation within laboratory conditions in different days. Hence it seems rational to propose that molecules with a planar hydrophobic part and a polar group, which is not necessarily anionic, can act as hydrotropic agent Nair V, Rajput MS. Archived from the original PDF on Smita Sharma, Mukesh Solubilisation.

Related article at PubmedScholar Google. Indian journal of pharmaceutical sciences ; 69 1: This hydrotropic phenomenon was employed to prepare solid dispersion SD and syrup of paracetamol.

hydrotroplc Ltd,4, View at Google Scholar. Increasing the aqueous solubility of insoluble and slightly soluble drugs is of major importance and hydrotropy can be considered as a potential and industrially attractive technique because of easy recovery of dissolved solute and possible reuse of hydrotrope solutions. Shikha A and Madhavi K: In order to check the accuracy and reproducibility of the proposed method, recovery studies were conducted.

Lornoxicam is soluilization selective cyclooxygenase-1 and cyclooxygenase-2 inhibitor that exhibits anti-inflammatory, analgesic, and antipyretic activities. In present scenario this method is getting lot of values and may be proved the best method in future.



View at Google Scholar T. The percentage recovery was found to be Solubility enhancement of ibuprofen using hydrotropic agents. Aggregate exposures to consumers direct and indirect dermal contact, ingestion, and inhalation have been estimated to be 1. It is evident from the literature survey that more is the concentration of hydrotrope; more is the aqueous solubility of poorly water-soluble drugs.

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Hydrotropy is suggested to be superior to other solubilization method, such as miscibility, micellar solubilization, co solvency and salting in, because the solvent character is independent of pH, has high selectivity and does not require emulsification. A portion of the solution was kept at room temperature for 24 hours to check the stability of drug in presence of sodium benzoate. Views Read Edit View history. Same operation was repeated till some excess drug remained undissolved after constant vigorous shaking for 10 minutes.

European Journal of Pharmaceutical and Medical Research ; 2 1: Once the saturated solution is prepared its analysis is carried out to check the solubility. Instead, some hydrotropes aggregate in a step-wise self-aggregation process, gradually increasing aggregation size. Hence it is necessary to increase the solubility of drug that may further increase bioavailability and also results in reduction of dose. Select your language of interest to view the total content in your interested language.

Hydrotropic solubilization technique to challenge the solubility of poorly water soluble drug valsartan.

Solubility enhancement of candesartan cilexetil by using different hydrotropic agents. Then, again gross hydrohropic was noted. Effect of a mixture of caffeine and nicotinamide on the solubility of vitamin B 2 in aqueous solution.


Hydrotropic solubilization is one such method [ 1 ].

hydrogropic The solution was allowed to cool to room temperature and diluted five times with methanol R. The analysis of tablets indicated good correlation between the amounts estimated and label claim. The increase in solubility was more than fold. The anionic group is involved in bringing about high aqueous solubility, which is a prerequisite for a hydrotropic substance.

However, many hydrotropes do not seem to selfaggregate at all, unless a solubilisate has been added. Distilled water was used in making hydrotropic solutions. For determination of interference of hydrotropic agents in the spectrophotometric estimation of the standard solutions of drugs were determined solubilizattion distilled water alone and in the presence of the maximum concentration of the hydrotropic agent employed for spectrophotometric analysis.

In intra- and solubilkzation precision and intersubject variation study, coefficient of variation was not more than 1. The characteristic peaks attributable to various functional groups present in drug molecule were recorded in Table 2.

Quantitatively it is defined as the concentration of the solute in a saturated solution at a certain temperature.

Hydrotropic solubilization of poorly water-soluble drugs.

Hydrotropic agents are also a type of solubilizers which increase the solubility of poorly water soluble drugs 3. The drug showed good regression value at this wavelength.

Solubility studies were performed using various concentrations of hydrotropes like sodium citrate, sodium benzoate, etc.