Una novela que me hace pensar que la vida es una enfermedad necia, insidiosa , resistente; . In The Sickness Alberto Barrera Tyszka (“the Venezuelan Ian. La Enfermedad: Alberto Barrera Tyszka: Books – La enfermedad. Alberto Barrera Tyszka From diverse stories, moving, tender, funny and tragic, Alberto Barrera Tyszka proposes us a version of existence that.

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Ama hayat her zaman iki saat oturup kitap okumaya izin vermiyor. May 28, Rosamund rated it liked it. How did I experience it? Andreas Miranda and his fath “Why do we find it so hard to accept that life is pure chance?

The Sickness – Editorial Anagrama

Just a albertp while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. A book that from the first page whispers to us something that is in our own human nature: I’m not sure what the symbolism is, although I know it’s present in that scene.

Escribe, en cierta forma, dibujando, evocando. I didn’t like the omniscient narration. He has hardly any contact with Dr. It was a sad tale of a son dealing with his father’s terminal cancer diagnosis while a patient of his, deals with his own sickness.

Paperbackpages. Barrera Tyszka tiene una forma de escribir absolutamente particular.

Alberto Barrera Tyszka

This is did not happen! The Sickness by Alberto Barrera Tyszka. The other half is filled with both Javier and Andreas coming to terms with the cancer and inevitably death. This book is our September book club pick with a theme of Venezuela. But it is also a story about compassion and love as one experiences them when nothing else is left.


I am not sure I appreciated its full meaning as I felt there is probably another level beyond the literal story of a doctor, his dying father, his secretary and a hypochondriac. While Dr Miranda is trying to find the right words to say to his father, his patient and his secretary are slowly going mad.

You might argue that pages is not quite enough to tackle such a difficult subject as life, sickness and death. Plus, I did like it more as it progressed, and I did find it quite a compulsive read, and middlingly poignant.

The Sickness

This life that we reject because it seems to us boring, unfair, mediocre or absurd suddenly seems priceless: The man has already been given a clean bill of health but persists in his belief that he is ill; and Karina Sanchez Dr.

But the selected one, Doctor Javier Miranda, is facing a personal tragedy at that very moment: How do well the countries of the sick and the well get on, and what happens when we pass from one to another?

Through these characters, the novel explores people’s different ways of dealing with sickness; how sickness affects patients and those who surround them.

Delicate prose, deep moral questions, and a stunning pace are what kept me ho Translated from the Spanish by Margaret Jull Costa “Tears are very unliterary: Their close relationship is strained as the son weighs the consequences of telling his father the details of his illness. I didn’t like the use of the present tense.

Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Perhaps this is what his father dreams about: Plus, I did like it more as it progressed, and I didn’t like the omniscient narration. But mostly it is about sickness.

A fine translation of an interesting book. Published March 6th by Tin House Books first published Miranda and no impact on his what-so-ever. Possibly something about the state of Venezuela. For example, Tyszka quotes Julio Ramon Ribeyro, who provides possibly the best explanation for the euphoria that exists after an episode of physical pain: Although it wasn’t what I was expecting before or even after the book holds merit and is powerful in some ways but could of been so much more I feel.


Since Ernesto separated from his wife and has lived on his own, he albertto suffered all the symptoms of a disease that, he suspects, could have mortalconsequences. Ever since he separated from his wife he has been presenting symptoms of an illness he believes is killing him. What is it about?

Tyszka is a perceptive, original writer. In the meantime, another man, virtually unknown to the doctor, begins stalking him, imagining that he holds the cure for the the list of complaints he suffers from.

How does one tell his father he is dying? From diverse stories, moving, tender, funny and tragic, Alberto Barrera Tyszka proposes us a version of existence that assumes all its enjoyments but is also unafraid to confront its fragility.

Venezuela, land 61 op mijn leesreis om de wereld Het thema van eerlijkheid en pijn komt goed over. El parrafo sobre los nombres tipicos venezolanos me hizo entender muchas cosas. However I do have praises, I loved how Alberto Barrera Tyszka adds in quotes from authors throughout showing a true literary passion.